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Stegbar has developed the first entry door in Australia that can be installed in less than half the time of a comparable timber pivot door.

Its contemporarily styled Statesman Aluminium Pivot Door (APD) combines light weight with a unique pivot hardware system, enabling the door to be rapidly hung and adjusted, while its contemporary appearance features clean, sleek lines.

Stegbar said it developed the new product after its market research identified strong consumer demand for aluminium entry doors with modern aesthetics.

Marketing director Scott Kelly said the Statesman APD can be exactly colour-matched by anodising or power-coating to suit the rest of a home's exterior.

"They're also extremely low maintenance, so they look great and function well for many years with a minimum of fuss," Mr Kelly said.

The design also allows for it to be thermally sealed and flyscreened.

In addition to its highly customisable presentation, Mr Kelly said the Statesman offers enormous time-saving potential for builders. "If you compare our Statesman to a traditional timber pivot door - which is the closest thing to it on the market - the difference in installation time can be huge," he said.

"Two experienced tradespersons could install a timber pivot door within an hour under the right conditions, but in sub-optimal conditions such as where the door frame is out of square - which is quite common - it can take half a day. Plus on top of that you eliminate the cost of finishing, as the Statesman never needs a coat of paint."

Mr Kelly said the standard Stegbar Statesman door offering is competitively priced.

"Until now, if you wanted an aluminium chair rail door such as this it would have to be custom-fabricated, so the price would be significantly higher. However, the Statesman is a standard part of the Stegbar range so you can simply tick the box for a competitively priced door that is eminently suitable for modern homes. There's no time or complication involved compared with a bespoke job from an aluminium joiner."

Unlike traditional hinged doors, the Stegbar Statesman Aluminium Pivot Door's entire 60 kilogram weight is vertically supported by heavy-duty steel pins. The pins are extremely strong, having been successfully 'torture'-tested for over 100,000 cycles using a 100-kilogram door.

New product development manager David Hills said the Statesman's simple design translates to an equally straightforward installation method.

"You just lift the door into the frame and align the pins into the connectors and screw them in place. You can adjust the pins for vertical and lateral movement as required," Mr Hills said.

"Unlike timber pivot doors, the Statesman can be adjusted on-the-fly while it's in the door frame - making that process quick and easy. It's also forgiving of less-than-square door frames. You have a fair bit of grace with the adjustment."

The Statesman comes complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions. Mr Hills said any carpenter would find the process intuitive. Stegbar can also assist with technical advice or perform the installation via its Stegbar Installation Service.

The Statesman comes in sizes up to 1200mm wide by 2400mm high with a generously sized handle and up to nine chair-rails. There are additional options such as door furniture, different amounts of chair-rails, translucent glass and double-glazing.

The APD's design ensures the door's weight load is held vertically so it doesn't place undue outward pressure on a door frame. "Apart from it being lightweight compared with a non-aluminium door, the Statesman won't warp or stress the frame, which can be an issue with oversized hinge-mounted doors."

Mr Hills said another advantage over traditional pivot doors is that the Statesman's unique pivot system allows the door to be continuously sealed. As such, the Statesman achieves a wind and water rating to N3.

The pivot system allows for the installation of fly screens, unlike other pivot doors. Stegbar can supply flyscreens to perfectly match.

Stegbar has also capitalised on this design advantage by fitting a self-drainable sill to the Statesman's base, which prevents rain from entering a home through the bottom of the door.

"The seal on the door's sill itself stops the vast majority of rain - about 90 per cent - but whatever rain remains falls through a specially designed internal gap and drains back out. It's a one-way valve so the elements cannot blow any water back in. This feature is unique for a pivot door."

Stegbar's Statesman is entirely designed and manufactured in Australia.

For more information visit or call 1800 68 11 68.


Stegbar's new Statesman Aluminium Pivot Door (APD) combines light weight with a unique vertical loading system, enabling it to be rapidly hung and adjusted. It is the first entry door in Australia that can be installed in less than half the time of a comparable timber pivot door.
Stegbar developed the Statesman APD in response to preferences for contemporary, wide-style doors.
With door sizes up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm high, custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.
The Statesman APD features clean, sleek lines and can be exactly colour-matched by anodising or power-coating to suit a home's exterior.