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An Australian-owned and operated company has achieved a world-first by producing essential oils in a range of modern, convenient sprays.

Lavender is the latest addition to Bosisto's CFC-free aerosol spray range, which includes eucalyptus and tea tree.

The range is distributed by FGB Natural Products (FGB), an independent Australian-owned and operated pharmaceutical company specialising in natural products.

"Our eucalyptus spray is experiencing growth of over 20 per cent year-on-year," said FGB Marketing Manager Tegan Abbott.

"It has captured consumers' attention as a convenient, easy-to-use option.

"With more and more consumers moving to natural products, the response to the spray range has been very positive and supported by strong repeat sales.

"It's a world-first to have essential oils in a convenient spray can and this has been critical to helping expand our customer base with a modern, easy-to-use product offering," Ms Abbott said.

FGB currently exports the aerosol spray range - in steel cans supplied by can-maker Impress Australasia - to New Zealand. The company is investigating exporting the range to several Asian markets including China.

Bosisto's 'Parrot Brand' Eucalyptus Oil was the first eucalyptus oil launched in 1852. It became an Australian household name, selling primarily in pharmacy and grocery stores.

"Over the last 20 years eucalyptus oil uses have become increasingly diversified," Ms Abbott said.

"Many people now use eucalyptus oil as a natural household cleaner in a wide number of areas, from removing resistant spots and stains on carpet to freshening their laundry wash."

Ms Abbot said the growing interest in natural products as far back as the '80s had persuaded Bosisto's to expand its range to include aerosol sprays.

A review of the Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) showed that in 2008 food and drink claims classified as 'natural' - including all-natural, no additives/preservatives, organic and wholegrain - were globally the most frequently featured on new products.

'Natural' claims appeared on nearly one-in-four (23 per cent) food and drink launches globally in 2008, a nine per cent increase from 2007.

Building on its earlier successes, Bosisto's launched its Tea Tree Spray. Tea tree oil is marketed as having natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial healing properties.

Bosisto's Lavender Spray is the latest addition to the spray range. It is also the first to combine pharmaceutical-grade lavender oil with a spray can.

The Lavender Spray contains 100 per cent pure lavandula angustifolia lavender oil, a premium pharmaceutical-grade oil which can be used as a therapeutic product to aid sleeping and ease anxiety.

Other 'lavender' sprays use only synthetic lavender fragrance.

Lavender Oil is claimed to calm and sooth, be a natural antibacterial agent and deodorizer, and to have many health, first aid and household uses.

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An Australian-owned company has achieved a world-first by producing essential oils in a range of CFC-free sprays.