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Toyota Fleet Management (TFM) has launched a new telematics system it says will promote safer driving practices, optimise the use of fleet assets and make life easier for busy fleet managers.

The ForceField Telematics system provides real-time tracking of vehicle and driver performance. The resulting data is used to provide a range of insights, including ways of minimising vehicle accidents and reducing fleet running costs.

TFM general manager Ed Stanistreet said it had worked hard to offer its customers a comprehensive and flexible telematics solution that would make the task of fleet management much simpler and less time-consuming.

"ForceField Telematics helps manage the risks associated with running a vehicle fleet by providing the insights that lead to safer driving, fewer accidents and increased cost savings by making it clear how best to manage your fleet assets," he said.

ForceField Telematics is available in four packages to meet the needs of a variety of businesses, or a fully customised package can be created to meet an organisation's specific requirements.

"It's another way of making the decision-making process as simple as possible and ensuring there's a ForceField Telematics solution available to meet the fleet management needs of our customers," Mr Stanistreet said.

ForceField Telematics works through locator units attached to each fleet vehicle. Data is transmitted over a wireless network and delivered in real time to the customer's desktop or mobile devices.

One of the key advantages of ForceField Telematics is the improvements it can make to driver safety and efficiency while reducing the costs resulting from unsafe driving.

"Unsafe driving practices can generate significant costs in employee injuries, lost productivity, damage to company assets, fines and even litigation," Mr Stanistreet said.

"ForceField Telematics' powerful monitoring tools can help manage and improve driver behaviour via alerts that highlight unsafe or harsh driving behaviour and identifying and monitoring drivers who would benefit from coaching."

Other benefits include the ability to identify surplus vehicles that can be reallocated or even disposed of, and maximising efficiency by using the data to optimise routes, monitor speed and minimise idle time.

ForceField Telematics also includes integrated electronic logbooks, the ability to set geo fencing boundaries, emergency response alerts, seatbelt on/off and fatigue alerts, driver identification via swipe tags and historical trip analysis.

ForceField Telematics adds to the already broad range of fleet management tools and products offered by TFM.

"We are committed to taking the complexity and hassle out of fleet management and providing a complete solution for our customers," Mr Stanistreet said.


For further information, contact:

Tim Rich
Head of Marketing, Toyota Finance Australia
D: 02 9430 0274 | M: 0401 681 667

TFM general manager Ed Stanistreet (standing) said its ForceField telematics system makes the task of fleet management much simpler and less time-consuming.