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Toyota Fleet Management (TFM) has launched its new Car Sharing web-based scheduling, booking and reporting system that makes it easier for businesses to oversee and manage the use of their shared or pooled vehicles and get the most out of their fleet assets.

The centralised Car Sharing system gives users total visibility of shared vehicles at any time when they log in on their desktops or via an iPhone or Android smartphone app. Available vehicles can be identified immediately and bookings can be made with just a few clicks.

Car Sharing from TFM is available in three packages and can be highly customised to suit individual fleet needs. One of the packages include the convenience of a keyless entry option for tap and go vehicle access via smartphone or swipe card.

TFM general manager Ed Stanistreet said its new Car Sharing solution came about in response to demand from the fleet market and its own customers.

"We always listen to the needs and requests of our valued customers, and we also make sure we're ahead of the game in terms of introducing new and innovative products designed to optimise the use of fleet assets and make life easier for busy fleet managers," Mr Stanistreet said.

"The key benefit of Car Sharing is its ability to help maximise the utilisation of existing fleet assets to increase efficiencies and reduce costs by reducing the total number of cars needed.

"This can involve making company cars that are parked all day on site available for others to use in business hours, and those vehicles that are used in business hours can be made available to others to hire on evenings and weekends as a potential revenue stream.

"Car Sharing helps promote effective management practices by matching supply with demand," he said.

Car Sharing is designed to integrate seamlessly with Toyota Fleet Management's ForceField Telematics system.

"ForceField Telematic's powerful monitoring tools help manage and improve driver behaviour and safety outcomes," Mr Stanistreet said.

"Together, Car Sharing and ForceField Telematics cover a broad range of safety and efficiency objectives, and are designed to make a fleet manager's job much easier."

Mr Stanistreet added that users are able to customise Car Sharing to suit their own unique requirements.

"Car Sharing is highly flexible in terms of the parameters that can be set. The look and feel of the online interface can be customised and a variety of policies particular to each user can be set up - for example if authorisation from certain company departments is required."

Mr Stanistreet said Car Sharing adds to the already broad range of fleet management tools and products offered by Toyota Fleet Management.

"It's another way of confirming our commitment to taking the complexity and hassle out of fleet management and providing a complete solution for our customers."

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For further information, contact:

Tim Rich
Head of Marketing, Toyota Finance Australia
D: 02 9430 0274 | M: 0401 681 667

TFM general manager Ed Stanistreet.