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The University of Queensland has finished the roofing for a Pedestrian Link with a lavish COLORBOND® Metallic steel custom colour called Callisto.

Twelve tonnes of COLORBOND® Metallic steel in this custom colour adorns a 150mm-thick Bondor Equideck® insulated panel. This functions as the roof and soffit of the 75-metre open-sided walkway, with both sides being finished in the same colour (Callisto).

Cox Rayner Architects' project architect Jack Dodgson said the need for a new walkway increased after a bus and pedestrian-only Green Bridge to the University's Lakes Entrance was built. "What was essentially designed as a back-of-house entrance became the primary entrance," said Mr Dodgson.

"It became incumbent on the University to address this by creating more suitable access. We decided to elevate the land and reduce the size of the proposed bridge to 35 metres, to reduce cost and also extend the experience of walking through the garden.

"We wanted people to experience the surrounding garden as much as possible so the bridge forms a natural landscape concept. Every decision we made was supposed to enhance the landscape experience."

This included the decision to use COLORBOND® Metallic steel in the custom colour Callisto to clad the Bondor Equideck® panel.

"The choice of the custom colour was informed by a couple of things," he said. "First of all, it's a colour that is very natural and resonates with the local environment.

"In relation to the site specifically, there are fig trees all around the walkway which have little yellow flowers, the back of which are coloured in a remarkably similar gold. There's a lot of gold colour in other vegetation around the project and the colour is also sympathetic to the soil and sandstone.

"The colour on the steel brings a degree of warmth, especially when it has light on it because of its metallic finish."

Principal Consultant Nick Canto of icubed consulting said the Bondor Equideck® insulated panel also performed a structural function.

"The panel has a structural edge and excellent spanning capabilities," said Mr Canto. "It was important to have the appropriate thickness in the panel because it has to support maintenance and solar loads and also perform a function as the bracing diaphragm for the structure. The 150mm panel allowed us to span seven metres."

Mr Canto said that as an engineer it is important to him that all building products he specifies for projects comply with Australian Standards. "Using BlueScope products makes our job easy because we know they comply with the chemical composition requirements for the relevant Australian Standards. We were happy to find out the Bondor Equideck® product was specified for the job because we know that the panel and the incorporated COLORBOND® steel is tested and is reliable in Australian conditions while meeting Australian Standards."

Bondor Australia architectural business development manager Andrew Hudson said the company worked closely with the project architect and builder early on in the process to develop a product that suited the project's specific needs.

"We were intrinsically involved from the start so our designers, engineers and construction arm could collaborate on the project to ensure the best result," Mr Hudson said. "Having like-minded technical people being able to speak each others' languages definitely streamlined the build."

Mr Hudson said the lengthy panel spans greatly contributed to the underside of the roofing panel's appearance.

"The top side of the panel that forms the walkway's cover is in the Equideck® roofing profile, however, the underside is completely flat. Having seven-metre spans of smooth, uniform finish created a strong visual impact. Using other materials such as cement sheeting, the finish would be punctuated by fasteners such as screws fixing into some kind of backing substrate. This visually interrupts the finish. In this case, however, the insulated panel holds its own weight so the only interruption is where the panels themselves actually join and that is a concealed fixing."

Project: University of Queensland Pedestrian Link
Location: St Lucia, Queensland
Principal steel products: Cladding: 150mm Bondor Equideck® made from COLORBOND® steel in the custom Metallic colour Callisto; Structural: universal column sections and angles, welded steel

Architect: Cox Rayner Architects
Builder: FKG Group
Engineer: icubed consulting
Client: The University of Queensland


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COLORBOND®, BlueScope® colour names are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. Equideck® is a registered trade mark of Metecno Pty Ltd.

With seven-metre spans of smooth, uniform finish the Bondor Equideck® panel creates a strong visual impact.
Rather than one long, monotonous bridge the pathway's grades change and have three different roofs which zig-zag in different directions so pedestrians can see the grounds from different aspects. Fig trees surrounding the walkway are coloured in a shade of gold remarkably similar to Callisto.
Builder Adam Finn said the Bondor Equideck panel made from COLORBOND Metallic steel in the custom colour Callisto provided the kind of finish sought by the client. "As the builder we like to be proud of a visually appealing end result and that is exactly what the building delivers."