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Gunne Civil's surveyor Shane Gregory worked in with Komatsu's Queensland Project Solutions Consultant Brent Parker, who introduced the company to the suite of Smart Construction solutions.


Gune uses Komatsu's iMC technology, here a D61EXi-24 dozer and PC210LCi-10 excavator from Komatsu Rental (pictured) which offer enhanced site surveying and management.


Brandon Whiddett is one of the Co-Founders and a Directors of Treescape, a green asset management company with branches throughout New Zealand and on the eastern coastline of Australia. Here, the Komatsu PC220LC excavator has been officially named 'The Swiss Army Knife' - which reflects Brandon's working lifetime motto 'seeking out new ways of making machines work smarter in the service of his clients.'


Bryce Abbott runs the business with his father, and they know "Each day, we know we're going to get a Mayday call," hence having more than 200 pieces of diverse machinery - here, a Komatsu PC200LC-8MO excavator.


Mayday Earthmoving's business proposition is to provide a one-stop-shop for all machinery and operator requirements - hire, maintenance and training. Here, one of their Komatsu Wheel Loaders, the WA320.


Quality Demolition and its machines have been around for 25 years, and have provided support to a number of Wellington's Councils through the years.

Mean 1.jpg

One of Quality Demolition's main machines is the Komatsu PC400LC-8R excavator, specially equipped with a high reach demolition boom, used to remove the Wellington Electricity building's superstructure without once having material fall on the neighboring Te Puni Urupa graveyard.


Matt Ayres, founder of RMA is machinery enthusiast. "It's like with cars, you're either Ford or Holden - I'm Komatsu." And here is one of his machines, the Komatsu PC138.


RMA, a father-son civil excavation company which has been running for over 15 years. Here, one of their 'new' excavators, the Komatsu PC 240, equipped with Intelligent Machine Control and Electronic Proportional Controls.


Civilex is one of Victoria's carbon emission companies. Its current fleet of 150 on-road utility vehicles are Euro V compliant, with an average fuel consumption, according to the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide of 7.7 litres/100km. Here, a D65EXi/PXi-18 Dozer.

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